Welcome to travel4Green Papua New Guinea

Welcome to Travel4Green (T4G) Papua New Guinea (PNG) official website. T4G PNG is about advocacy for responsible traveling. Everyone is a traveler, whether to another country far away from home or just within the country geographically, we all travel.
Whether it’s learning a new language or learning about a new culture and way of life, travel allows us to learn so many different things. We become educated in the diverse cultures and ways of life. We learn about how our lives are intertwined and how we can impact one another. We travel to absorb all that we can in the world.
So in the decades ago people have been enjoying travelling, exploring new things and places. No single person wants to stop travelling.
Whether we take a flight or board a seat on a vessel or bus, we are thrilled to travel.
Over the years, evidence has indicated that flying takes a lot of energy, which means releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Burning jet fuel releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Each person travelling by air accounts for a larger amount of the whole plane’s pollution.
We inevitably emit carbon throughout our trips to contribute to the global warming that is causing the climate pattern variations and rising sea levels from ice melting from the poles.